HelpAge’s fundraising campaign on the occasion of World Old People’s Day

Since 2010, the International Day of the Older Generation has been celebrated on 1 October. To draw attention to the current situation of the older generation, the association HelpAge has to draw attention to the topic in an extraordinary way and collect donations.

With slogans such as "Ey Alter, was geht?" or "Los geht's, Alter" over 1.000 colourfully painted hand sticks were distributed at various locations in the peace city of Osnabrück on 1 October 2020. These were donated by the Ossenberg company and designed with the support of pupils from the EMA-Gymnasium Osnabrück, the Ursulaschule, IGS Eversburg and the Astrid-Lindgren School from Bohmte.

Anyone who finds a painted walking stick in Osnabrück can take it home for a small donation. The patron of this great campaign is Lord Mayor Wolfgang Greisert.
"I am happy to support such a colourful and creative campaign, which gives older people a face and offers support possibilities for a dignified life in old age", says Greisert.

Around 15% of the total world population has to cope with a disability and as many as 46% of the elderly live with one or more disabilities. The people most affected by disability are people in developing countries, especially older women. The most common limitations in old age are due to poor mobility. Even a simple walking stick can help many people to improve their mobility and to participate in social life again.

If you too would like to help a grandmother or grandfather in Mayanmar, the Philippines or Tanzania, you are welcome to donate. A 10 € donation can finance a walking stick, a 20 € walker and a 75 € wheelchair. For the grannies and grandpas in the world who need our help.

By Jennifer Diekmann

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