Winter program

Folding metal ice claw

This ice claw gives your walking aid a secure hold in snow and ice. Only at the bottom of the walking aid the fastening clamp on both sides screw and your walking aid is winterproof.
If you do not need the ice claw any longer, you can simply fold it away upwards. Thus the walking aid can be used immediately in the house without problems.

Suitably for all supports and sticks with a pipe diameter up to 20 mm.


Folding metal ice spike

The ice spike is simply pushed onto the lower tube of your walking aid and fixed by two screws.
Then you can fold down the ice thorn if necessary and thus achieve a secure hold on slippery roads and sidewalks.

Suitable for all supports and sticks with a tube diameter of up to 20 mm.


SAFETY FOOT 4-point rubber capsule with steel insert

solid, non-slip and stable - for maximum mobility!
Quick and easy to fit to any walking aid, they help you walk through life with surefootedness. The "SafetyFoot" was developed out of the need to provide safety and support for people with walking disabilities on surfaces such as snow, sand or on field and hiking trails.

...even more information about the SAFETY FOOT

Flexyfoot winter sole incl. protective cap

This Flexyfoot winter insole is designed to give you a better grip with your pole or supports when snow or ice is slippery.
It fits on any Flexyfoot rubber capsule and is simply clipped on.
A protective cap is included. When the protective cap is put on, it covers the spikes when they are not needed.

Shoe spikes slide protection

Slippery, black ice or snow - turn your street shoes into non-slip winter shoes in no time! After all, falls in winter are the most common cause of accidents. Simply put on, the hard-wearing material adapts perfectly to your shoes. The spikes make your shoes snow-safe.

Practical: On the way, the folded spikes in your bag make themselves very small.


Rubber capsule with spikes and protective cap

Rubber capsule with spikes, suitable for all sticks and walking aids with diameter, 16, 18 or 20 mm. A protective cap covers the spikes when they are not needed.
The rubber capsules are attached to the bottom of the walking sticks for better grip.

Winter clamp with extendable spikes

These rubber capsules are equipped with a bail mechanism.
If you fold the handle down, 4 spikes are used, these provide a secure hold on icy roads and sidewalks. When the stirrup is folded up, a normal rubber capsule is available again. Included are various adapters which allow the use for tube diameters from 15 mm to 23 mm.

Rubber capsule with automatically retractable spike

Winter can come!
With this practical 2 in 1 rubber capsule you are mobile in the snow as well as on normal ground.
Mounted on a crutch or walking stick, it has to be lifted at a 90° angle for a short moment and the spike will automatically extend. The procedure must be repeated to retract the spike.