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The medical respirator with high splash protection helps to significantly reduce the spread of bacteria and viruses through aerosols or spit particles. It protects both the environment, but also offers the wearer protection from saliva, blood and other body fluids.
The mask is easily put on with over two elastic and latex-free rubber loops. Through an incorporated, malleable nose clip, the mask can be perfectly adjusted and is thus also ideal for eyeglass wearers.

Further product details:
• Type IIR mouth-nose protection (IIR = liquid-resistant protective mask).
• Filtering efficiency (BFE) > 98 %.
• 3-ply, PP spunbond/meltblown combination with high efficiency filter insert.
• Ear loops and integrated nose clip for more comfort
• Lint-free, latex-free, non-sterile
• Size: approx. 17.5 x 19.5 cm

Packing units:
• 10 respirators in polybag
• 5 x 10 respirators in polybag
• 200 x 10 respirators in a carton

The Type IIR masks comply with all European and national directives.

The masks meet the test standard according to DIN EN 14683: 2019 + AC: 2019.

We have provided the certificates for you in the product under the Downloads tab. The masks are CE certified and tested by TÜV SÜD according to DIN EN 14683:2019+AC:2019.

Surgical masks are disposable products. With the duration of wear, the respirator mask becomes soaked and no longer offers protection. In any case, the masks should be disposed of if they become soiled, soaked or damaged, or after 2 hours at the latest.

In pandemic use, it can be assumed that the masks will be worn at short intervals: e.g. when shopping, refuelling, on public transport or whenever the minimum distance cannot be maintained. We recommend storing the mask in a closed bag between wearing intervals and hanging it up to dry at home. When doing this, you should make absolutely sure that no other objects are contaminated by it. Hand hygiene when putting on and taking off the mask should also be followed very carefully.

No, the mask cannot be reprocessed. For optimal protection, the mask should be replaced regularly.

The masks have a shelf life of 5 years from the date of manufacture with proper storage (See "How should I store the masks?"). The date of manufacture and the expiry date are printed on the product packaging. After 5 years, the masks should no longer be used as optimal protection can no longer be guaranteed.

When not in use, store the masks in a sealed container to prevent contamination. For transport, store the masks in their original packaging. Ensure a dry storage environment at room temperature. Do not allow the make to come into contact with water.

Put on the mask
Place the mask over the mouth and nose with the white side facing inwards. Pull the white elastic bands behind the ears to secure.
Ideally, the respirator should reach from the bridge of the nose to under the chin, including any beard. The loops should be adjusted according to the size of the head so that the mask fits comfortably but tightly on the face and there are no gaps at the sides.
Adjusting the nose clip
The mask has a built-in wire at the bridge of the nose, a so-called nose clip, which must be adjusted to the nose by bending it slightly.
There should be no gaps on the sides of the mask. The mask must be tight but comfortable on the head. With glasses, the mask must be put on first and then the glasses. The glasses must not sit under the mask.
Removing the mask
When putting on and taking off - and while wearing - avoid touching the protective mask directly at the front. The mask should only be pulled over the ears by the straps and over the chin and nose by the hem. Hands should be washed sufficiently with soap before and after donning and wearing the mask.

As a hygiene product, the respirators are excluded from return and exchange.

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