Light metal walking stick with anatomical soft grip in carbon look

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Mobile with style – that should be your life motto!

Stay mobile despite physical limitations and let your walking stick become your personal everyday companion.

Functionality is very important for a walking stick but still a walking stick can look good.

Compose your personal walking stick individually and choose your favourite colour from our large colour palette.
Let the walking stick become your personal accessoire!

Our light metal walking stick with anatomical soft grip in carbon look at a short overview:
• anatomical soft grip in carbon look
• 19 colors to choose from
• choose between adjustable and non-adjustable
• the standard walking stick is equipped with a decorative ring

Please note that you can order the walking stick for the right and left hand. Please choose the variant you need!

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Declaration-of-Conformity-502-503-509-510.pdf application/pdf 172 KB
Instructions-for-use-walking-sticks.pdf application/pdf 873 KB
Instructions-for-use-walking-sticks-CS.pdf application/pdf 455 KB
Instructions-for-use-walking-sticks-DA.pdf application/pdf 452 KB
Instructions-for-use-walking-sticks-DE.pdf application/pdf 715 KB
Instructions-for-use-walking-sticks-EN.pdf application/pdf 452 KB
Instructions-for-use-walking-sticks-ES.pdf application/pdf 460 KB
Instructions-for-use-walking-sticks-ET.pdf application/pdf 456 KB
Instructions-for-use-walking-sticks-FI.pdf application/pdf 451 KB
Instructions-for-use-walking-sticks-FR.pdf application/pdf 456 KB
Instructions-for-use-walking-sticks-HU.pdf application/pdf 458 KB
Instructions-for-use-walking-sticks-IT.pdf application/pdf 459 KB
Instructions-for-use-walking-sticks-LT.pdf application/pdf 431 KB
Instructions-for-use-walking-sticks-LV.pdf application/pdf 456 KB
Instructions-for-use-walking-sticks-NL.pdf application/pdf 463 KB
Instructions-for-use-walking-sticks-NO.pdf application/pdf 457 KB
Instructions-for-use-walking-sticks-PT.pdf application/pdf 452 KB
Instructions-for-use-walking-sticks-SV.pdf application/pdf 458 KB