Foldable light metal walking stick in black with Derby grip COMFORT SOFT in grey

1 Piece

Article no.: 17630 Category: EAN: 4250415668357


Technical data:
• adjustable from 80 cm – 92 cm
• foldable to 30 cm (4-times)
• max. load up to 100 kg body weight
• weight: 400 g

Expected delivery within the next few weeks

Always good on foot while travelling – that’s how it should be!

A beautiful, exclusive foldable walking stick with an elegant Derby grip Comfort Soft in grey.
The exclusive and very sporty-looking walking stick attracts attention with its very attractive design.
The special feature of the walking stick is the grip. A stick holder nose is formed there, so you can lean the stick against any table without it falling over.

The simple adjustment makes the foldable walking stick ideal for everyone. This foldable walking stick can be folded together in three places. It can be stowed in a space-saving manner and thus becomes your reliable companion in everyday life.