Elegant walking stick umbrella SAFEBRELLA DUO, walking stick integrated in the umbrella – 100 kg

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The Safebrella DUO is a combination of umbrella and walking stick. A small ball button locks the walking stick into the umbrella stick.
However, if the umbrella and the walking stick are used separately, a light push of a button triggers the separation in a flash.
Both the umbrella and the walking stick can then be used separately!
Due to this unique combination possibility, the purchase of another walking stick is not necessary, because this walking stick is a reliable companion, because despite its light weight, it is loadable up to 100 kg according to CE standard.
Of course it also has a rubber stopper to prevent slipping on smooth surfaces. Its slim design does not indicate that it is a professional walking stick.
With two models, two different grips and an adapter system, 12 different heights can be reached without using any tools.
The umbrella can of course be dispensed with in the apartment. The walking stick is then up to 250 grams (depending on model) light, hardly noticeable in handling.

• lotus-shaped fibreglass rail construction
• screwable handle and adapter system
• springless slide for opening and closing locks automatically (semi-automatic)
• the walking stick can be inserted into the umbrella stick, a ball push button connects both sticks if required
• grips made of maple wood
• Covers: high quality polyester fabric Teflon treated against dirt and water

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