EASYCLICK crutches and walking stick holder

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• optimal use thanks to its 2-magnet system
• It can be used to attach the walking stick either to your bag, your clothes or any magnetic surface

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Do you know it too? For example, you have to unlock your front door or need 2 free hands and don’t know where to put your walking stick? Then we have the right solution for you!

The walking stick and walking aid holder Easy Click guarantees optimal use thanks to its 2-magnet system. It can be securely attached either with the clip to your clothes, bag or similar, or with the additional cuff to any magnetic surface.

Assembly and application
The Easy Click holder consists of a magnetic clip and an additional cuff with hook and loop fastener and integrated magnets.
● Attach the clip e.g. to the waistband of trousers, the strap of a bag etc.
● Alternatively, the clip can also be placed loosely in your handbag or trouser pocket.
● A second magnet is located in the cuff behind the white quilting seam.
● Place it with the magnet on the tube of your walking aid and hold it in position (the side with the white quilting seam points to you).
● Wrap the remaining part tightly around the tube and close the hook and loop fastener by pressing it firmly.
● You now have the choice of either attaching your walking aid to the clip on your clothes or “stapling” it to a magnetic surface with the cuff.
● To release your assistant from the clip, please guide it up or down, but never outwards.
● Do not attach the clip to thin fabrics such as silk, as the fabric could be damaged.
● If the clip is attached to materials that are too thick, such as thick belts, the “tongues” of the clip can become deformed. This can affect the attachment during further use, especially on thinner material.

Safety Note:
● Persons with a heart pacemaker may use the Easy Click holder with integrated magnets only after consultation with your doctor.
● For security reasons, credit cards or other objects with magnetic strips should not be stored too close to the Easy Click, as the magnetic strip could otherwise be damaged.
● The Easy Click holder should not come into direct contact with a calculator / computer or similar.
● Due to the strong attraction of the magnets, the two parts should only come into contact with each other after they have been placed in their final position. If the two parts have been put together unintentionally, they can be separated by pushing or sliding the parts against each other.
● During use, please ensure that the clip is not inadvertently compressed, there is a risk of pinching or crushing the skin or fingers.
● The magnets of the clip should not be subjected to rough knocks or blows, as the magnets could splinter or release sharp splinters, which could cause injury.