No deal in “Der Höhle der Löwen”

No deal for Patrick Mayer in “der Höhle der Löwen”.

Patrick demanded 100,000 euros for 10 percent of the company’s shares in order to expand his sales channels and become better known. Unfortunately, no lion made an offer. Patrick made a great appearance and left a lasting impression. Frank Thelen described Patrick as a “blatantly strong guy” and Judith Williams was very impressed.

We are also of the opinion that Patrick is a great person, a great founder and a role model.

He accepted his destiny and got something positive out of it. His products are innovative, stylish and above all practical. They help people with disabilities to overcome limitations and to live life.

We already sell the SafetyFoot and at the latest with the first snow the wheelblades will be included in our assortment. One can only repeat oneself again and again. Patrick is a great founder with great products.

To say it in the words of Carsten Maschmeyer: “Founder fantastic! They seem so convincing, determined, modest at the same time, optimistic, realistic at the same time, 1+ with starlets.”

Lieber Patrick, we can only fully agree and are proud to sell your products.


If you missed the show you can see Patrick’s pitch on the page of VOX and why there was no deal.

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