Safety and mobility even in winter with snow and ice

Sophisticated technology:

Patented binding with universal adjustment possibilities

Wheelblades S wheel diameter from 8 - 20 cm and wheel widths from 2.0 - 6.5 cm Wheelbladesd XL wheel diameter from 15 - 30 cm and wheel widths from 2.0 - 7.0 cm


Stainless steel offers protection against corrosion in wet and salty conditions.




Solid construction:

Glass fiber reinforced plastic parts ensure maximum strength even at low temperatures.




Secure hold:

Channels on the underside of the tread provide stability and directional stability during the ride.




From wheels to runners in a matter of seconds


Safety and mobility on wheels even in winter with snow and ice? With the WHEELBLADES this is no longer a question. Thanks to the easily adjustable binding, this practical aid can be attached to any common mauell wheelchair, baby carriage, rollator, rehab buggy and bicycle trailer. Thanks to the patented quick-release fastener, you can change from wheels to runners in a matter of seconds in just a few easy steps. The wide bearing surface of the WHEELBLADES distributes the weight optimally on the underground and prevents thus a sinking of the front wheels in the snow. The two treads glide over the ground with very little friction and even out larger unevenness without any problems. To ensure that the ski tip always points in the direction of travel, the binding was deliberately placed in the front part of the ski. Two running channels on the underside of the WHEELBLADES provide stability during the ride, compressing the snow and allowing you to glide as if on rails.


Wheelblades S

Setting options: 2.0 - 6.5 cm
Suitable for: manual wheelchairs


Setting options: 2.0 - 7.0 cm
Suitable for: Strollers, walkers, rehab buggies and bicycle trailers


How it works


Place the WHEELBLADES on the floor


Tilt the baby carriage or wheelchair slightly


Place the front wheels in the binding


Close the quick lock and off you go

Patrick Mayer goes his own way. Through snow and ice and also through the terrain.

His rehabilitation products provide freedom of movement for wheelchair users and people with walking disabilities.


Patrick Mayer stood on a snowboard for the first time at the age of nine. The fascination of this sport drove him to get better and better and soon his talent showed. He knew he wanted to become a professional snowboarder. In order to pursue this dream, he left his home town of Tübingen at the age of 17 and from then on attended a sports boarding school in the Swiss mountains. Progress was soon apparent and Patrick soon belonged to the elite of the German freestyle snowboard scene. His dream seemed to become reality ... Until the one competition in 2000, when Patrick fell so hard on his back that he had to have an emergency operation. The diagnosis: incomplete cross-section! All dreams shattered. From that day on, nothing was the same as before. His life was turned upside down and he had to learn to accept that from now on he would be dependent on a wheelchair and walking aids.


For Patrick Mayer this news was a shock, but giving up was not an option. Life was too precious to surrender to fate without a fight at the age of 21. So Patrick accepted the challenge and fought his way back step by step into a new life with many uncertainties, but also unexpected new chances. His fighting spirit paid off. Today the young tinkerer develops and produces with his company "WHEELBLADES" innovative and with design awards awarded products for handicapped people to increase their mobility on every surface and in every situation. Because Patrick believes that inclusion should not be limited to urban life. It must also take place in nature and for this there is a lack of clever and inexpensive aids. It is precisely at this point that Patrick would like to set in motion a technical development to gradually improve the world of people with walking disabilities.


The company WHEELBLADES sets high standards for functionality, quality and design. Therefore all products were developed in cooperation with Swiss engineers and designers. Thanks to the careful selection of materials and sophisticated designs, the goal of the greatest possible functionality and durability of the products is achieved.


All products are manufactured and checked with great dedication and care in modern production facilities in the Swiss mountains. Wherever possible, we work together with workshops for the disabled.


All products were subjected to extensive testing before going into series production. The parts and materials used were put to the test in endurance tests and exposed to extreme loads. The aim of the test phase is to be able to produce a functional and high-quality product at the end. All WHEELBLADES products are used by Patrick himself as an affected person, sportsman and adventurer in extreme situations and are therefore continuously tested. His goal is to be able to offer an optimal and mature product for different areas of application.