Hand Disinfectant 100ml

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100ml hand disinfectant contains:
• ≥60-<80ml vegetable alcohol (ethanol)
• ≥1-<2,5ml glycerine
• ≤1ml lemon scent
• Water ad 100ml

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Hygienic hand disinfection serves both to protect one’s own health and to protect one’s family and fellow human beings.
As in the medical and commercial sector as well as in the industrial production of food, hygiene regulations require proper and regular hand disinfection, the current situation also demands increased attention and hygiene awareness in order to prevent infectious diseases and the risk of infection.

If there is a risk of viral infection, hygienic hand disinfection should be carried out effectively and regularly.

The right application technique for the best possible result

Only the correct and regular application technique ensures the optimal degree of cleaning and thus a maximum reduced risk of infection.

– Apply 3 ml disinfectant to one palm Rub palm on palm.
– Rub right palm over left back of hand and left palm over right back of hand.
– Rub palm on palm with fingers interlocked and spread.
– Rub outside of fingers on opposite palms with fingers interlocked.
– Rubbing the right and left thumb.
– Rub closed fingertips into right and left palms.
– Then air dry the hands