Ultra light INDESmed walking stick made of carbon

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Technical data
• carbon
• Ergonomic soft grip
• Hypollergenic silicone cover
• Weight: from 250 g
• Load capacity: up to 200 kg body weight
• 5 seizes
• Fine adjustment / perfect body fit
• Capsules / plugs made of rubber compound
• Shipped in individual parts

The lightest walking stick in the world from INDESmed made of ultra-light carbon, weighing only 150 g.
Carbon fibre is a true miracle material that combines stability, lightness and corrosion resistance.
This walking aid combines contemporary elegance and modern style with its innovative colours. The cane convinces with comfort thanks to its ergonomic and hypoallergenic soft-touch silicone coating on the handle.
The exclusive oval shape of the carbon fibre cane ensures ideal load distribution and prevents wrist pain. Special rubber stoppers provide safety and comfort.
An elegant walking stick that is not only functional but also stylish.

Select the correct cane size using the table:

body size —– cane-size

155cm bis 165cm — S
165cm bis 175cm — M
175cm bis 185cm — L
185cm bis195cm — XL

Instructions: INDESmed walking stick correct adjustment:

1.Loosen the screw on the walking stick handle.
2.Adjust the handle to the optimum height for your height.
3. tighten the screw again.
The adjustment is made by sliding the handle continuously along the tube, which allows for an absolutely precise adjustment.