Arthritis walking support Galaxy – 140 kg

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Arthritis is an inflammation of the joints.
If the wrists are affected, it is usually not possible to walk with normal walking aids, as the entire body weight rests on the wrists.
To prevent this, there are special arthritis crutches.
These have a padded armrest into which the arm is placed and secured with Velcro straps. The handle, at the front end of the armrest, provides additional support and safety.
Due to this special design of the walking aid, the body weight is distributed on the forearm when walking and thus relieves the already irritated wrist.
Our arthritis walking support brief overview:
• the bowl is made of impact-resistant plastic and is padded with easy-care neoprene
• ergonomic soft grip, can be used on both sides and is particularly comfortable to hold
• the handle is adjustable in length, angle to the arm holder and rotating
• Velcro straps to attach the forearm, can be shortened individually with scissors if necessary

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