Saftey Foot


Solid, non-slip and stable for maximum mobility and flexibility on any surface.


Mature technology:

Available individually or as a pair in the colours black or turquoise in three different sizes:
S 16 – 17 mm
M 19 – 20 mm
L 22 – 23 mm



Glass fibre reinforced plastic parts and stainless steel ensure maximum durability in all weather conditions.



Solid construction:

Metal components made of stainless steel and glass-fibre reinforced plastic parts offer maximum load capacity at low weight. Maximum load per foot 200 kg.


Secure hold:

The special choice of materials and construction of the sole ensures maximum slip resistance on wet and slippery surfaces. The flexible rubber joint in the upper part of the SAFETY FOOT provides a secure grip even on uneven or sloping surfaces and supports the ergonomic rolling of the walking aids. The special geometry ensures an even weight distribution and prevents sinking into loose and soft surfaces.

The first "trekking shoe" for your walking aids.

Safety Foot


The SAFETY FOOT can be mounted quickly and easily on any walking aid, helping you to walk through life safely in everyday life as well as in your leisure time. Thanks to the innovative foot geometry and careful choice of materials, the SAFETY FOOT feels at home on any surface and in any weather. The SAFETY FOOT impresses with its attractive and sporty design. The SAFETY FOOT meets the highest quality demands thanks to extreme stress tests and continuous optimisation of materials and production processes.

For more safety and mobility in any terrain

Wet subsoil

Whether on holiday at the pool, at the rehabilitation sport in the swimming pool or outside in wet weather. Thanks to its sole, the SafetyFoot offers maximum slip resistance.


Even on sandy terrain, the SafetyFoot offers a secure grip thanks to its sole and special geometry. The walking aid no longer slips away or sinks into the sand.


The flexible rubber joint in the upper part of the SafetyFoot provides a secure grip on uneven or sloping surfaces such as gravel and debris.

Forest ground

The special geometry of the SafetyFoot ensures even weight distribution and prevents it from sinking into loose and soft surfaces.

Patrick Mayer is going his way. Through snow and ice and also through the terrain.
His rehabilitation products bring freedom of movement for wheelchair users and people with walking disabilities.


At the age of nine, Patrick Mayer stood on a snowboard for the first time. The fascination of this sport drove him to become better and better, and soon his talent showed. He knew he wanted to be a professional snowboarder. In order to pursue this dream, he left his home in Tübingen at the age of 17 to attend a boarding school for sports in the Swiss mountains. Progress quickly became apparent and Patrick soon belonged to the elite of the German freestyle snowboard scene. His dream seemed to become reality ... Until one competition in the year 2000. Patrick crashed so hard on his back that he had to undergo emergency surgery. The diagnosis: incomplete cross-section! All dreams burst. From that day on, nothing was as it was before. His life was upside down and he had to learn to accept that from now on he needed a wheelchair and walking aids.


For Patrick Mayer this message was a shock, but giving up was not an option. Life was too valuable to surrender to fate without a fight at the age of 21. So Patrick accepted the challenge and fought his way step by step back into a new life with many uncertainties, but also unexpected new opportunities. His fighting spirit paid off. Today, the young inventor and his company "WHEELBLADES" develop and produce innovative products for people with walking disabilities that have received design awards to increase their mobility on any surface and in any situation. Patrick is of the opinion that inclusion should not be limited to urban life. It must also take place in nature and therefore there is a lack of clever and inexpensive aids. It is precisely at this point that Patrick wants to initiate a technical development in order to gradually improve the world of the handicapped.


WHEELBLADES sets high standards for functionality, quality and design. Therefore, all products were developed in cooperation with Swiss engineers and designers. Thanks to the careful selection of materials and sophisticated designs, we achieve the goal of the greatest possible functionality and durability of our products.


The SafetyFoot is manufactured and tested with great dedication and care in modern production facilities in the Swiss mountains. Wherever possible, we work together with workshops for the disabled.


All products have undergone extensive testing before going into series production. The parts and materials used were put to the test in endurance tests and subjected to extreme loads. The aim of the test phase is to be able to produce a functional and high-quality product at the end. All WHEELBLADES products are used by Patrick himself as a sufferer, athlete and adventurer in extreme situations and are therefore continuously tested. His goal is to be able to offer an optimal and mature product for different areas of application.