Hand disinfectant

for hygienic hand disinfection


Disinfectant for application on the skin. To ensure a safe effect, moisten the entire surface of the hand sufficiently. A minimum of 3 ml is required for this. Afterwards dry the hands in the air.



Eliminates 99.9 percent of all bacteria, germs, fungi, viruses and Corona-viruses.


Packaging units:



vegetable alcohol

≥60 - <80%


≥1 - <2,5%

pure water

Hand disinfection as an important means of disease prevention

The hygienic hand disinfection serves as much to protect one's own health as to protect the family and fellow human beings.
As in the medical and commercial sector as well as in the industrial production of food, the hygiene regulations require a proper and regular hand disinfection, the current situation also requires increased attention and a heightened hygiene awareness to prevent infectious diseases and a risk of infection.

Medicine and research as a model

If there is a risk of viral infection, hygienic disinfection of the hands should be carried out effectively and regularly.

Disinfection and regular hand washing in combination

Hygienic hand disinfection is an immediately effective measure against pathogenic bacteria, germs, fungi and viruses including the corona virus. It complements regular hand washing and thus supplements the protection for you, your family and your fellow human beings.

The right application technique for the best possible result

Only the correct and regular application technique ensures the optimum degree of cleaning and thus a maximum reduction of infection risk

  • Apply 3 ml of disinfectant to a palm of the hand Rub palm to palm of the hand.
  • Rub right palm over back of left hand and left palm over back of right hand.
  • Rub palm to palm with interlaced, spread fingers.
  • Rub outside of fingers on opposite palms with interlaced fingers.
  • Rub right and left thumb.
  • Rub closed fingertips into right and left palm.
  • Then air dry the hands.