MD CRUTCH in black – 136 kg

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Technical data:
• grip to bottom: 91 cm – 126 cm
• 16-times by push button
• max. load up to 136 kg body weight
• weight: 2600 g

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A new innovation of forearm crutches – already well known in the USA, now on the German market, exclusively available from us.

Everybody knows conventional forearm crutches, but the MD CRUTCH is new.
Whether you need to relieve a leg or your wrists or simply need support when walking, the MD CRUTCH makes it possible.

What exactly differentiates the MD CRUTCH from conventional forearm crutches?
Not only does the MD CRUTCH look good, it also has some well thought out functions.

Press the button at the top of the grip, so you can fold the grip to the side.
This can be particularly useful for unlocking doors, for example. When you return the grip to its original position, the button snaps back into place so that you can grasp the grip again normally.
Never walk with the walking aid when the grip is folded to the side!

Thanks to the armrest the wrists are relieved and protected.

Under the armrest there is a button that can be unlocked. This makes the armrest foldable. When the armrest is folded out, you have more freedom of movement in your arms and hands and do not have to put the walking aids aside.
However, it is important that you fix the armrest again before you continue on your way.

The position of the forearm straps can be individually adjusted and changed.

Since the weight of the walking aid is distributed on the forearm and not on the wrists, you can swing excellently while walking. “Swinging” is a well-known gait characteristic for people with leg amputations, therefore the MD CRUTCH is especially suitable for such people.
The special rubber capsule supports the swinging gait characteristics and has a springing and shock-absorbing effect when walking.

Please read the instructions for use for more information on installation and the correct settings. You will find these in the “Downloads” tab.