KIDDY – 100 kg

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Even with our youngest children it can happen that they need help to walk. Of course there must also be the right thing for such situations.

With our walking aid KIDDY the kids can walk and stand safely everywhere.

You can design the walking aid according to your needs and taste!

The KIDDY is a high quality walking aid made of aluminium and can be loaded up to a body weight of 100 kg. You can choose between different colours and 3 different grip variants.

Our KIDDY at a short overview:
• plastic arm cuff made of high quality, glass fibre reinforced material
• 3 different grip variants selectable
• special light metal tubes in the KOMBI version silver anodised or COLOR version in a colour of your choice
• Adjustment possibilities 8-times in the lower part, 3-times in the upper part by push-button or clip adjustment
• rubber capsules of natural rubber with steel inlay
• with reflectors

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