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With our Care Packages your protection and the protection of your loved ones is guaranteed in any case.

Each package contains a 100ml bottle of hand disinfectant with a pleasant lemon scent and a 500ml bottle of hand disinfectant.
The disinfectants are ethanol-based and eliminate 99% of all bacteria, fungi, viruses and corona viruses.

100ml of hand disinfectant contains:
• ≥60-<80ml vegetable alcohol (ethanol)
• ≥1-<2.5ml glycerine
• (≤1ml lemon scent)
• Water ad 100ml

Each package also contains a 200-pack of MEDLINE nitrile examination gloves (optionally in size M or L).

Nitrile gloves belong to the disposable gloves. They are used in health care, allow hygienic work with food and offer protection against hazardous substances. These cream-white, latex-free gloves from MEDLINE are coated with colloidal oatmeal so that they cannot cause an allergic reaction.

Respiratory masks are also included in each Care Package. You can choose between TYPE IIR respirators according to EN14683:2019+AC:2019 and FFP2 masks according to EN149:2001+A1:2009 or you can choose a complete package with both mask types.

Both mask types are equipped with latex-free ear loops and have a nose clip for improved protection and wearing comfort.
The big difference between the mask types is that the TYPE IIR respirator is more for protection of others than for self protection. The FFP2 mask, on the other hand, protects both the environment and the wearer.